Weird Movie: The Nature of Nicholas






Although you will never watch this movie anyway.


The Nature of Nicholas. A rather complex movie. Just like our feelings I guess.

I stumble upon this weird piece of art last night. It revolves around Nicholas (obviously…) and his friend Bobby. Bobby started to appreciate the opposite sex and got invited to a party hosted by some “cute and popular” girl. He asked Nicholas to come too but declined at first and said girls are “gross”.

Ooopss that’s the first cue!

But he reluctantly come anyway. In the party they were playing this seven-minutes in heaven game. Bobby got in the closet first but he only lasts two minutes while Nicholas come out of the closet after several minutes with messed hair, the kind of look when you’ve kissed, well vigorously I guess. Turns out he didn’t get the kiss but the girl staged it so it look like they were kissing. Talking of kissing, Nicholas tells Bobby about the fake kiss in his little clubhouse on the next day and realized he is attracted to Bobby that he kissed him. Yes, Nicholas kiss his friend Bobby! Well more like a peck, a brush on the lips.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Knew it.

Oh ow...

Oh ow…

Ashamed, confused and confuzzled by Nicholas’ flashy kiss, Bobby pushed him and stormed out of the clubhouse. Not only that he ran away, Bobby’s self ‘split’ into two – the normal looking Bobby and a sick zombie-like Bobby or his alter-ego. Nicholas preferred this goulish, sick zombie-like Bobby and took care of him. Nicholas kept him alive by feeding him bits of his dinner, bath him and hide him under his bed. At this point, the movie gets weird because there are two Bobbys, the healthy looking and the zombie Bobby. It turns out the zombie Bobby is a representation of Bobby’s homosexual self that detached from Bobby after the kiss. The one that his friend Nicholas trying to keep alive under his bed! While the healthy Bobby is the opposite of his homosexual self. Zombie Bobby is dying day by day and Nicholas doesn’t want to give this zombie to the healthy Bobby. At the end of the movie, the healthy Bobby reclaim his zombie self from Nicholas giving us the impression that it’s going to be killed off forever by the healthy Bobby.

Zombie Bobby

Translation: Bobby wants to get rid of or shut off his homosexual self forever.

Devastated, Nicholas split into two. His zombie self (homosexual self) was led away from him by the spirit of his dead father to a little house in the middle of nowhere symbolizing that his father in spirit is trying to shut off Nicholas’ homosexual self from him forever. In the scene where his father put the zombie Nicholas to bed, he said that it was just part of growing up and there are a lot of little houses down the road symbolizing that many person have shut off this alter-ego of them once they grow up and “caged” this feeling forever. While we thought Bobby’s zombie is being killed off, it turns out that Bobby didn’t kill his alter-ego but reunited with it. Translation: Bobby accepts his homosexual character while Nicholas shut off his homosexuality.

The little house where zombie Nicholas put to rest

The little house where zombie Nicholas put to rest

And that is some weird movie!


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