Though they are called Adidas Kampung, this is not from Adidas. This black rubber shoes are my companion for three years.

Looks like a schoolchildren’s shoes huh?

“Adidas Kampung”

A fieldworker’s best friend! ‘Adidas Kampung’ is the unofficial name of this type of shoes –  Adidas is a brand, ‘kampung‘ means village. This type of rubber shoes is cheap and reliable. It gives a strong grip on a slippery and rough terrain. No wonder it gets attention from the hard working villagers to venture into the jungle, farms and plantations, thus the fancy name “Adidas Kampung”. How do I know this? My grandma use this. How it got its name however remain unknown.

Photos of this ridiculous shoes are to preserve the memory during they were utilized – the harsh terrain, cool weather, wet grass, river rushes, the packed lunch…



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